Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Just in the United States, it is estimated that just over twenty-five million animals are used each year for animal research. These animals range anywhere from mice and rabbits to farm animals, those such as sheep, pigs and even dogs and cats. Once an experiment is done, the animal is either euthanized or used for additional experiments. Animal research is morally wrong because these animals go through inhumane procedures, it leaves the animal diseased, exhausted and may even lead the animals to death.
Animal research is the process of forcing animals to go through experiments for the benefits of humans. During these numerous procedures, the animals have to suffer through injections, being exposed to radiation, inhaling gasses that may be toxic, and even having their organs taken out. The animals can have their skin burned and their brain damaged from tests that require them to have electrodes planted on the brain. All these procedures are painful and are used for biomedical research, cosmetics and products such as household products, and science education. Cosmetic and household brands that use animal testing include MAC, Windex, Vicks, and many more. You can find a list of products and information on companies that use animals testing at The animals are put into situations that’ll build their anxiety, cause high levels of stress and depression.
Animal tests aren’t always dependable and work out all the time. Some
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