Persuasive Essay On Anti Gun Control

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As you and your family walk through the store, a man dressed all in black walks in and pulls out an assault rifle and starts firing. People fall to the ground, including your mother, killed by the raging bullets. You and your surviving family hide, hoping to not be seen by the gunman. By this time the Police have arrived, ending the carnage. You were lucky, although others were not. Reports later prove this man was mentally ill and was able to acquire weapons without questioning. How could this of happened to your family and countless other families? The answer is the lack of gun control. Pro Gun Control advocates want guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, while Anti Gun Control advocates say gun control impedes …show more content…

By the year end the total number of victims could be 11,700. Too many criminals and mentally ill people have guns. “1 out of 5 guns are still sold without a background check (Brady Campaign, Key Gun Violence Statistics)”. Guns are still getting into the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. Weapons in the hands of these people cause massacres. Furthermore, weapons such as the AR-15 and AK-47 were developed for war. Developed to inflict maximum amount of casualties in little amount of time. Something that is overkill for protection or hunting. As Ronald Reagan states “An AK-47 in not a sporting weapon, nor needed for defense of a home (Snopes, Arms Talks)”. Reagan didn’t want to take the 2nd Amendment away from people, but to make the purchase of a weapon harder. An AR-15 fires 45 rounds a minute, which is way too excessive for hunting and protection. As well the AR-15 hold 30 rounds of ammunition, which is way too much for hunting or protection. A trained marksman only needs one bullet.. According to Gun Rights Activists, gun control is infringing on the 2nd Amendment. Gun control is limiting their right to own and carry guns. Nobody wants their rights taken away from them. However, gun control only wants to control the gun ownership of criminals and the mentally ill, not responsible gun owners. Criminals and the mentally ill are the ones committing these horrific massacres, not

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