Persuasive Essay On Anti Immigration

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Immigration has been a subject of every presidential candidates debate but most of the presidential candidates seem to either be strongly opposed for immigration reform or strongly wish to reform immigration. Immigration has been around for the a while now since the United States seems to be seen as a form of being able to better yourself. Due to this many immigrants have fled their home country to take refuge here in the United States. Unfortunately for them, they are not as well received as they thought they would be, causing them more problems and suffering. The problem with immigration is that many people are against it because they believe that those immigrants are going to take their jobs or they will bring crime with them. Most people…show more content…
Most of the forms that need to be filled out cannot be filled out on your own and need to have a lawyer that is well informed on the subject and what the requirements are. “In the second package, the sponsor will be asked to prepare an Affidavit of Support, I-864, and attach his or her three most current federal income tax returns, along with his or her W-2s and 1099s, whichever is applicable.” Many of the people that are applying for a citizenship do not know how to obtain these form or even to fill them out. If a form is not filled out correctly their application can be rejected or worse they can be found to be committing fraud when they were not intending to do so. The fees to file this paperwork is ridiculous as well, with a fee of $675 only for the application for Naturalization. This is a high price for an application especially when illegal immigrants do not earn more than the minimum wage when they work. They have to wait to raise enough money to be able to afford just the paperwork but they also have to have money for a lawyer to help them fill out that
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