Persuasive Essay On Assisted Suicide

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Going to your favorite restaurant or watching movies with friends are all things that make life enjoyable. However, what if you did not have these common luxuries? Severely ill patients are constantly controlled by doctors, machines, and medication to keep them alive but do not have the control themselves. When someone is terminally-ill and cannot enjoy the pleasures of life anymore, the ethical guidelines simply reverse. Assisted suicide is a controversial medical and ethical issue based on the question of whether, in certain situations, medical practitioners should be allowed to help patients actively determine the time and circumstances of their death (Lee n.p.). Many believe this is a great step forward in the medical community, and some think it is a big step backwards. Terminally-ill patients should have the right to control their own relatively painless death. Assisted suicide should be a legal option for terminally-ill patients. Due to very strict and controlled regulations, assisted suicides are a safe alternative for terminally-ill patients and will not be abused by any non-eligible patients. Several countries have had assisted suicide legalized for many years including the Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Colombia, Belgium, and Luxembourg. As for the United States, assisted suicide is somewhat new with only six states having it legalized including Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana, California, and Colorado. The Supreme Court for the United States ruled that
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