Persuasive Essay On Babies Pros And Cons

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• Various medical conditions can put a pregnant woman at an increased risk of death if they were to carry a baby to full term or give birth. For example, cardiovascular disease.
• If the mother dies, the fetus will have an unlikely chance of survival, therefor the mother’s life needs to come first. A baby would need to be born within 10 minutes or so and be farther along enough to have a good chance of living.
• Couples with a detrimental medical condition may get pregnant and have significant odds of the disease passing onto the baby, for example, HIV/AID.
• Certain medical conditions can be detected in the womb, where if the baby were born they'd be constantly suffering or never be able to live a normal life. For example, Anencephaly. …show more content…

These range from not finishing school to developing health problems (For example, Anemia).
• Adoption is an unlikely option because only 3% of women end up deciding to give up their babies.
• Gives women control over their own bodies and allows them to make the choice about what's best for them and their child.
• Some women become pregnant after being raped. A baby resulting from that can be a constant reminder of the traumatic experience. This is especially worse in cases of raped children who become pregnant.
• Unwanted babies have a higher risk of being abused or mistreated.

• Making abortion illegal creates a safety concern and doesn’t get rid of it. Before it was legalized many women used unsafe methods and tried to terminate the baby themselves or went to other

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