Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Ever since I had started babysitting that was when I first realized that I had another person’s life in my hands. Have you ever wondered when you were with your brother's, sister's, another child, or even family members that if they ever got hurt, you could have done something more to help or prevent them from getting hurt or even dying? Well, if you have wondered, this is why I believe that it is necessary in order to become a registered nurse you need to have a college education. To become a registered nurse, there are certain job tasks, special skills, and talents as well as a higher education that is needed. First, you need to have the right education to succeed and understand your surroundings of becoming a registered nurse. To start…show more content…
My first plan of action would be to plan out what courses I should take in high school. Classes that would benefit for this job include of physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, liberal arts and anatomy. Secondly, my next plan of action would be to see what courses, programs, and degrees I would need in college to achieve in becoming a registered nurse. The first thing I would need is an ADV meaning an approved nurse program. Reaching this would take about two to three years of schooling. An ADV program is also required for this position, because you must be a graduate of some approved nursing program and licensed before becoming a registered nurse. The second program you will need is called the BSN program meaning a science degree. Receiving a science degree takes about four years. After you have taken some type of program along these lines and have been become a licensed nurse , you then could start applying or you can take it one step further. You may continue to achieve your bachelor’s degree to unroll into becoming promoted from a registered nurse. These are my plan of actions I will need to succeed into becoming a registered…show more content…
For me, becoming a registered nurse is not all about the money but, it is important to know what your income is. The hourly pay for this job ranges from how many shifts and hours you work but, the median pay is about $32.91 hourly. The annual wage for registered nurses is $68, 450. Depending on what field you work as a registered nurse the payments range. Such as in hospitals, local hospitals, or private hospitals it ranges from $68, 450 to making as much as $70, 590 . It is not only important to know the income of being a registered nurse , it is also important to know other options. If becoming a registered nurse is not the career path for you it is important to know there are other related jobs along the lines that would fit you more. Some other related jobs is becoming a respiratory therapist, acute care nurse, critical care nurse, cardiovascular technologist or technicians, licensed practical and vocational nurse, or a physical therapist. Now you might be saying that these are all just facts of being a registered nurse and are wondering why she, he, or I would want this potion. I would like to become a registered nurse due to these reason, it lets you socialize with people, you help with caring for those in need, gives you interaction, always on the move doing
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