Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Surgeon

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There is a lot to know when looking at a life as a surgeon, and it is nowhere near easy to learn. The first step of the process is making the decision to go to medical school and being entirely committed to it. Then the proper medical degrees must be attained and applications for internships at teaching hospitals should be submitted. There are general job requirements that must be learned along with proper etiquette. Knowing the steps of a basic surgery is obviously the most important part of the job. Pursuing medicine and becoming a surgeon takes many years and a lifetime of commitment to be successful, and even when the process is over some people may not have what it takes to live the lifestyle this job requires.
The obvious beginning of going down the path of medicine is to make the decision it is something that is truly committed to by the student. They must be aware of the struggle they will face when going after this, as it can get frustrating and discouraging. It is said that the most important component of pursuing this field is the passion and the drive (“How to Become a Surgeon”). The Apprentice Doctor says, “Do not even think of pursuing surgery as a career if you are still in any measure unsure about your decision (“How to Become a Surgeon”).” This has to be something that the student is fully prepared for and they have to know themselves well enough to know if they are capable or not of performing with the drive and motivation needed to be challenged
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