Persuasive Essay On Being A Twin

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“It’s a Girl!” Huge sighs of relief come from the expecting parents. “And another Girl!” Uh oh. Instead of having one baby, there are two. Instead of buying one of every necessity, the parents will have to double up on the diapers, bottles, and food. Being a twin can be a blessing and a curse. Not very many people can say that they have a twin. However, the parents will have a long road of diversity ahead of them. As a result of being a twin, it affects the sibling’s sharing, individuality, and friendships. From the moment twins are born, they share everything. They share their memories and childhood. Starting with their birthday, the twins will share the same day of birth for their lives. Their cake and presents are often shared or…show more content…
Friendship is basically required between the twins, due to the fact that they will be with each other forever. Some twins may not get along right away, but as they grow older, they get closer. If they are the same gender, then the chances of having a strong friendship is high. Being a twin myself, I fought with my sister for years before we finally became best friends. Knowing that they will always be there gives a sense of security. Twins often like the same things and think alike, so it is inevitable that they will become close. There will always be a shoulder to cry on or someone to have your back. The other twin is always pushing the other to do their best. When one of them is sick, the healthy one can bring home the homework and notes for that day. Since some twins are inseparable, it can be hard to gain friendships. Some people think that they are intruding or interrupting when they try to join with the twins. They see this close bond between the twins and think that there is no room for them to fit. People constantly feel out of the loop when the twins joke around about an amusing moment at home. If a teacher or coach wants everyone to find a partner, there is a good chance that the twins will pair up and the friend will be left out. This is why twins tend to be super close with each other and then have a couple of friends on the side. However, others see that being friends with twins gives them an extra
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