Persuasive Essay On Being Abstinent

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How many people have you heard say, “I regret losing my virginity? Or said, “he took my virginty and stopped associating with me?” Even better, “I can’t control my body, I have to be sexually active?” Being abstinent can be a way to save yourself from emotional baggage, regrets, doubt, fear, anger and betrayal. So, many people don’t recover from their first time of having sex and wish they were never encountered in that postion. People view abstinence has a crime, but it is really not. It is protecting that individual from any issues. Put yourself in a good environment where you won't be deceived or disappointed. Being abstinent isn’t a crime, do not neglect protecting yourself from stress. Del Stover, says in “Should we be teaching sex Education or Sexual Abstinence,” "We might not get kids to marriage," she admits. But any delay in sexual activity could influence "the number of partners they have, cause them to be more selective in their partners, cause them to use contraceptives well, and they know, the risk they're putting themselves in." In, the century we live in people make it seem like having sex in a relationship is a priority and it is really not. It does not have to be your Priority. Don’t follow the world's lifestyle or follow your peers. Everybody is different. There is more to life, than sexual desires. Don’t be someone’s one night stand, but be an inspiration to other people who are looking up to you to becoming successful in the future. Everybody’s first

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