Persuasive Essay On Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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Did you know that the use of Marijuana could save many people's lives? Legalizing Marijuana could help change someone's entire life. That change could help people stop dying and stop all the pain every day. Marijuana can be helpful if people were responsible with it. Marijuana can help tons of people with cancer. Legalizing Marijuana can do lots of things to help our United States citizens in need. For example, it can save lives, make everyday life easier and help ease suffering. Medical Marijuana can make everyday tasks easier. It can help problems that occur to many people everyday. These problems are chronic pain, cancer pain, and very severe migraines. Cancer pain is when a tumor in the body is pressing against the bone, nerves, or other organs. Severe migraines are a very painful headache that can cause flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light and sound. Medical marijuana can help with the suffering of people's lives that suffer from chronic pain everyday. Additionally, every day people suffer from natural born disease that medical marijuana can help fight. Marijuana can help fight against Epilepsy, a disorder when nerve cell activity inside of the brain is disturbed, and it causes seizures. It can also help Asthma which is when a person's airway is closed, and it makes it very difficult to breath. Marijuana can even help Glaucoma and Glaucoma are a group of eye conditions that end up causing

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