Persuasive Essay On Bicycle Safety

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It has been asserted many times by mothers and law enforcement that people should use a bicycle helmet, but many ignore the tip and increase the danger they face on a bike. Surprisingly in California only those under 18 must wear a helmet (Coalition), but even adults should wear them as the chance of injury increases when riding without one. The reasons why those under 18 have to wear a helmet are reasonable as the organization KidsHealth in the article “Bike safety” informs people that “Every year, about 300,000 kids go to the emergency department because of bike injuries, and at least 10,000 kids have injuries that require a few days in the hospital. Some of these injuries are so serious that children die, usually from head injuries”. Death is a big reason to cause the law to require kids to wear helmet, so all cyclists who wish to ride safely should wear a helmet regardless of age. It is such an important piece of gear that bicycle safety is almost impossible to think of without also thinking about a bike helmet. As in D. K. Howe’s article “Bicycle Safety” the United States Safety Administration provides the tip, “Wear a properly fitted helmet. It is the single most important piece of safety equipment you can use”.
Now that the importance of following laws and wearing a helmet have been addressed, it is time bicyclist are aware of keeping a well maintained bike to lower the amount of accidents even more. Safety is not all about keeping the head secured and knowing what
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