Persuasive Essay On Bilingual Education

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In 1967, a senator in Texas named Ralph Yarborough introduced the Bilingual Education Act. Through this act, the federal government was to provide funds to schools to have bilingual educational programs. The act primarily focused on Spanish speaking children, but later was amended to benefit other children as well (Glavin). Several states in the United States opposed bilingual education—and in 2002, Initiative 31 was on the Colorado ballot. Initiative or Amendment 31, required schools to be taught only in English (figure 1). Parents were given the option to request bilingual education, but it would be extremely difficult for it to be accepted, due to schools having the right to deny their request. Instead, non-English speakers would be placed in an English immersion program. In this program, students would be given a year to learn English and later move to a normal classroom (“Amendment 31”). On November 5, 2002, the initiative was rejected by 55 percent (Benz 1). Considering the rejection of the initiative, Colorado began adapting programs to assist English language learners (ELLs). Nonetheless, dual-language education remains highly controversial. While bilingual education has many positive outcomes, we cannot ignore the fact that it is not 100 percent effective. Not every child learns the same; therefore, bilingual education does not provide equal opportunities for everyone. Instead of completely throwing bilingual education out the window, we should turn to alternatives
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