Persuasive Essay On Birth Control

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Parents should be supportive to the child no matter what the situation can be or how hard it is to understand. The guardians of the minor have the right to know where the children go and with whom they spend time with. However, this does not necessarily mean they can decide when their child should be ready to be sexually active. Regardless, it is going to occur when the adolescent feels that the moment is right. Birth control is not only valuable in protecting young teens from getting pregnant, but also has its health advantages. To add to that, the child may want to begin taking birth control before they do so, but it becomes a very uncomfortable and awkward topic for a child to discuss with their parents. There are many unsupportive parents that become sensitive to this topic, and may deny birth control to their daughters. In other words, birth control should be available to teenage girls without parental consent.
To begin with, teens should have the option to obtain birth control without any obstacles preventing them from doing so. This is because they may want to avoid further trust issues arising because of the fact that they may be doing things in which the parent may not approve of. Opening up to a guardian is going to have a big impact and it will cause further consequences for the teen. “Parental contact requirements discourage teens from seeking birth control. Confidentially can be a determining factor for teens deciding whether or not to seek contraceptive

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