Persuasive Essay On Birth Control

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Have you ever wondered how many how many women are using some form of birth control? Today more than 12 million women use birth control,(oral contraceptives), meaning this many girls are taking early precautions. This oral contraceptive is 99% effective, still at that between 2-8% of women will get pregnant while using it- being from misuse by the consumer. (“Five Reasons Women Get Pregnant While on the Pill.” Fox News, FOX News Network, This being said many teen girls are still not on birth control because they are fearful of their parents reactions. Other’s opinions should not matter, but as humans emotions are always in the way of a seemingly easy answer. All teenage girls really want from their mothers is acceptance and for their mothers to not look down on them, but they are afraid that this idea will do the exact opposite.
Most teenagers will have sex no matter the risks. Pregnancies and transmitted diseases are all connected directly to unprotected sex. Teenagers have the highest risk of pregnancy and HIV among all other age groups, statistics being 900,000 teenage girls get pregnant each year. That means 4 out of 10 girls will end up pregnant before the age of 20. Over half of all HIV infections are in people under 20 years old. (“Preventing Teenagers from Getting Contraceptives Unless They Tell a Parent Puts Teens at Risk.” American Civil Liberties Union,
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