Persuasive Essay On Birth Tourism

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1 Layth Rawan Layth Sherry Sharifian Federal Government 2305 30 June 2017 Birth Tourism Birth tourism is when a foreigner travels to a country for the sole purpose of giving birth to gain citizenship. This is becoming an increasing problem in the United States. The 14th amendment allows for American born babies to gain citizenship in the country. Many immigrants are taking advantage of this amendment to gain citizenship for their child and then flee. Despite the benefits that the 14th amendment presents, I believe that it should be altered to reflect its true meaning and awarding citizenship to people who greatly deserve it The 14th amendment guarantees citizenship to every child born on American soil. This has motivated many foreigners to…show more content…
It brings different minds together that can create something big. It would improve social services and help free up funds since countries would no longer have to provide benefits for their children (Pros and Cons of Birthright Citizenship). This would allow the funds to be freed up and help other people. Birth tourism also limits the rights that children with citizenship have as well as the costs, which allows them to be used elsewhere (Pros and Cons of Birthright Citizenship). 4 Another benefit would be that it would allow local dollars to be spent locally. Rather than sending money overseas, it keeps the money in the country for children born through illegal practices. 4 By keeping the money local, the value of one dollar can be doubled if it is spent within the same community (Lombardo). However, some cons include illegal immigration. Since the 14th amendment allows for foreigners to gain citizenship for their children, it increases the incentive for families outside of the U.S. to enter and give birth. Since many of the government funds go to illegal mothers giving birth, the U.S. would save more money as fewer immigrants wanted to come to the country for citizenship (Apecsecadmin). The 14th amendment is very controversial with its true meaning. Many argue that it does not cover illegal immigrants and only people here with proper documentation. By allowing foreigners to enter and gain rights for their children, it is taking away from the country’s
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