Persuasive Essay On Black Lives Matter

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One of the the most controversial topics of discussion in our nation is the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement has sparked up immensely because of the President in office right now, Donald Trump, and many events transpiring around the nation. The country is at separation between the people who think that Black Lives Matter is a real issue and the people who think it is not. Without a doubt, people need to be considered equally, no matter what is said at the end of the day. America was founded on the idea that every man that walks on the soil will have just as equal opportunities as the next, no matter the race. Three essential reasons people are determined to fight for this cause is to end job discrimination, stop police brutality, and gain equal rights within society. Having a job is a daily struggle that mostly everyone experiences. For some, it is extremely challenging to receive a job of their choice because the color of their skin is not what companies are searching for. This occurs often in corporations around the world, where young black men are overlooked by companies just because of their skin tone. The African American Civil Rights Movement started in 1958 but the fight is still unfortunately occurring today. In the picture provided, a group of men, some black and some white, are protesting against UPS and its racial dilemma. Eight UPS employees in the state of Kentucky have attempted to sue the company due to harsh punishments and other odd incidents that
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