Persuasive Essay On Breast Cancer

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Even though chemotherapy and radiation are both used as a treatment of cancer, they both can be painful and cause harsh consequences. Radiation is a less invasive treatment since it does not have as many side effects as chemotherapy and is far less expensive. Breast cancer almost always takes place in women, however, it can occur in men, too. In the United States, breast cancer is pretty common. A woman has a 1 in 8 risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, “Breast cancer remains the most common nondermatologic cancer among women in the United States”. It comes second to lung cancer as the most common cause of cancer related death (Buchholz 63). However, because of technological advances, the breast cancer diagnosis rate has generally decreased over the years. Breast cancer is the rapid growth of cells in the breast. Most often, the cells will create a lump (tumor) in the breast. Usually, these lumps can be seen on an x-ray. If the tumor is cancerous (malignant), the cells move into other tissues in the body (“What is Breast Cancer?” 2017). Not all breast tumors are cancerous. It is possible to have a tumor that is benign, or non-cancerous. One of the few treatments for cancer is radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is the process of using “high-energy” rays to kill cancer cells ("Radiation Therapy: The National Breast Cancer Foundation" 2016). It is not a chemical and it does not infiltrate

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