Persuasive Essay On Breastfeeding

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Hi classmate and Professor

I have a circle of close friends that includes males and of course their perspectives, which it always nice to involve, and for years we have shared milestones: Relationships, break-ups, deaths, new family additions, trips, tears and lots of laughter). However, we all have for the most part strong personalities, varied lifestyles, and philosophies. Great arguments have arisen, but usually we all come together at least respectfully despite differences. Four years ago, I flew back up north for our friend’s Becky’s baby-shower. It was her first child, and she was suffering from depression during her pregnancy because she’d lost her dad less than 2-yrs. before, he had raised her as a single parent, clearly devastated he wasn’t there. During the shower the topic of breast feeding came up—wow, I never thought that such a nurturing act would cause so much ruckus and differences of opinions. By the end of the evening, the crowd of friends and family shifted to pretty much ‘breastfeeding’ is antiquated, too old skool’ to practice, and not practical. Some were neutral, but neutral in many a case means I give in to mainstream. They made it seem, so uncouth, and had a bunch of negative and demeaning sentiments such as, your man will not think your sexy, it’s going to mess up your breasts, you won’t have time for yourself, and lots more. I was stunned by the biases. Moreover, Becky retreated to the back room and was sobbing, almost disoriented, on a day that

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