Persuasive Essay On Breeding Sows

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A breeding sow is very similar to that of a calf in the veal industry; expect their experiences is prolonged over the years. When impregnated the female pigs are locked in crates that they are not able to stand, walk, or turn in. In some farms, they will take it as far as to tie the sows down with a chain, so they are unable to get up. Many sows will go crazy from the stress and develop repetitive habits called stereotypies. They will often rub their nose up and down on the cage or bite the bars to relieve their stress and keep them occupied. During her four months of pregnancy, she will be in this concrete cage with no comforts (Inside The Pork Industry).
A few days before pregnancy a sow will have the natural urge to collect
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When I meet with clients who are vegan or want to make this transition, I dive deep into exactly what they do and don’t eat, along with their usual eating pattern. (Sass)
Buying from local farmers is also a great option. Some farmers will allow you to see the facility in which your food is coming from, and how the animals are treated. Buying locally also helps to stimulate your local economy and helps your local farmers. Even when switching to a vegan diet, going to events like farmers markets are more sustainable for your local economy; along with the quality and freshness of your fruit and veggies being better (Kleppel).
If you feel like helping end the treatment animals face, you can join the numerous number of organizations and clubs that fight against animal cruelty. A great organization is Mercy for Animals, where their main concern is educating the public and exposing the treatment of the animals through undercover work. For those who believe veganism is the only way to fight animal cruelty, they can join the Vegan Outreach which educates those who have seen the animal industry and believe veganism is the only way to stop animal cruelty. They hold many seminars across the nation that bring the community together throughout the year to swap recipes, educate, socialize, and many other experiences. No matter if you are donating money to these organizations or going to seminars to become more educated, any small amount of attention is greatly appreciated and can make a big impact in your life and others
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