Persuasive Essay On Burning The Flag

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Lately, if you turn on the news, the media headlines are covered with the news of protests. These protests include marches, kneeling, and in some cases, even rioting and fighting. However, one from of protesting stands out the most: burning of the United States flag. Recently, protestors have burned the flag to protest the president and the police. Burning the flag is not something new to this country, however. There are many recorded instances of the American flag being burned as a form of speech; especially during the Vietnam War period. I, on the other hand, strongly believe that burning the American flag is wrong. It much more than just a piece of cloth, it is a scared symbol of our country. In order to stop the mutilation of the symbols of our country, I am proposing an amendment to the Constitution. The amendment that I am proposing will empower Congress to utilize their powers to implement restrictions on mistreatment of iconic American symbols. The Constitution, in its current state, does not protect the symbols of the United States. In fact, the First Amendment protects the destruction and mistreatment of these symbols. If the proposed amendment is approved by Congress and ratified, the iconic symbols of America will be protected from mistreatment. The definition of mistreatment will be left up to the courts to decide. The reason I propose this amendment is because the symbols of our nation are much more than just materialistic objects. They are this country’s
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