Persuasive Essay On Buying A House

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Buying a house. It is a huge and terrifying step in life, but a lot of the people coming to the age of homeownership are holding off. Why is that? Did growing up with parents fretting over the housing market crash taint American’s love for owning their own home? Maybe they are so weighed down with the bad aspects of homeownership that they don’t see the positive aspects of owning their own home. Maybe they want badly to live in their own home but they just can’t afford to buy their own home or don’t qualify for financing because their credit score is too low. Perhaps the “American Dream” is changing from owning your own home to something else. Here I will discuss all of these things as it relates to my generation as well as how it relates to me personally. The housing market started to decline in 2006 and ultimately crashed in 2008. In recent years however, the market has started to pick back up, but many are still wary of purchasing their own home. A lot of people my age were in high school or starting college when the crash happened and a lot of us saw the effects it had on our parents. Many had difficulties maintaining their residences and were ultimately forced to give up their homes. I feel this fed into the fear of putting your life savings into a loving home for your family just to have it taken from you. This fear holds millennials back from purchasing their own homes because they don’t want to go through what their parents went through or have their kids experience

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