Persuasive Essay On Caffeine

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Although, it really doesn’t matter what time it is of the day caffeine is going down our throats all around the clock. Researchers have been verified that more than 90 percent of American adult’s drinks caffeine every day. Most of us drink it because, we may need that extra boost, and some feel they need it cause their so addicted to it. According to The Food and Drug Administration, the average person will drink up to 200 milligrams daily, the equivalent to drinking 4 cans of soda. Everyone seems to know already that sodas are not good for our body or health, but do you know the true effects that it does to the body?
What is really in caffeine? Are there any health risks associated with caffeine? Caffeine is a naturally occurring compound found in the leaves and fruits of certain plants. Today caffeine will most likely be found in teas, coffee, and soft drinks making it the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world. Most don’t know that caffeine is a drug that half of America is addicted to.
Caffeine is demarcated as a drug because it arouses the central nervous system, causing increased alertness. Caffeine gives most people a temporary energy boost and elevates mood. That’s why everyone generally uses it for plenty of reasons mostly dealing with work or school. Some people use caffeinated energy drinks to improve their endurance while playing sports or to dance for long periods. That’s just the beginning, these are the things that caffeine does to the brain, heart, fetus, and body.
Firstly, when drinking caffeinated drinks or anything that contains it the caffeine goes through the blood stream and directly to the brain. When we drink coffee, caffeine binds to our brain's adenosine receptors, stopping the chemical from binding with the receptors and making us tired. For the ones who regularly drink coffee in plentiful amounts, their brains develop more adenosine receptors, so it takes more coffee to keep us awake. That explains also why when we try to lay off the coffee a tad its very tiring to us because, were so use to that adenosine going to the brain. Whenever you’re awake, a chemical called adenosine slowly accumulates in your brain.
This adenosine binds to receptors which slows down the
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