Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment has been used throughout the years in law enforcement to deal with criminals who are deemed to be put to death. Do murderers, rapists, or terrorist really deserve to be put on death row though or do they deserve to live their lives out in prison with the guilt of what those criminals did to their victims? The criminal justice system has debated this issue with killing people. The criminal justice system debated this because if they are killing these criminals that use to be citizens are the people carrying out these acts not as bad as the lives they are taking. In this paper, I will be talking about why criminals should not have an easy way out like death for murders or for simple crimes like stealing. I will show this by talking about how the history of capital justice, the testimonies of people, and how the criminal justice system sees death penalty today and why this punishment should not exist. The history of the death penalty has been a grim one even from the start. The start of this punishment that let the offenders of the law get an easy way was in 1790.This was “when the First Congress met in 1790, it enacted criminal statutes permitting capital punishment for murder, forgery, robbery, and rape”(Stein 2017). The government got to decide how criminals who committed crimes gotta have their life taken from them. This was because since America did not have their own set of laws they copied Europe's laws. These rules are from the same people who had
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