Persuasive Essay On Car Accidents

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Is it worth it?
Car accidents happen every day and are known as the most deadly and most common personal injury. Accidents that have been caused due to texting and driving are around 1.6 million each year. The average text takes about 4.6 seconds to write out and send. If travelling around fifty five miles per hour that's long enough to be driving the length of a football field blind. Phone use while in the process of driving should be made illegal in all states, because of the dangers that it can put the operator of the automobile and those around them in.
“Get ready for pain, get ready for pain” that's all that was going through my head as my car and I were doing 360’s all over highway 395 heading straight for the bottom of a river or straight into trees. The last I remember in this moment was taking a curve and seeing another car's headlights flooding my eyes as it hurtled towards me in my lane. Of course my initial instinct was to slam on my brakes to stop myself from colliding with this car, little did I know at the time you should not hit your brakes to quickly if it's been raining. After making this mistake I started to hydroplane and lose control of my black Cadillac, ,my rear end started fishtailing all over the slick road. That's when the other car realized what was happening and jerked back to their lane with seconds to spare. What had felt like eternity when my car finally stopped spinning, I opened my eyes to realize I was untouched and unhurt. I carefully
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