Persuasive Essay On Causeway Bridge

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The Causeway Bridge spanning Lake Pontchartrain is one of the longest bridges over water in the world. It takes a considerable amount of money to keep the bridge safe and in operable condition for all drivers to use. Local governments will likely choose to raise the price of the tolls in order to improve safety measures along the bridge; however, many Louisiana residents are upset with their elected officials for not allowing the citizens to vote on the toll price amendment. Despite thinking that it is a worthy idea to improve safety features on the bridge, Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany asked their Northshore city council to postpone making a decision until after the officials received feedback from their constituents. Mandeville resident Charles Goodwin argued that whether or not the proposition is approved, “It should not be enacted until the voters get a chance to vote on it and I think that any reasonably objective council member would certainly want to know what their constituents think.” Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts…show more content…
Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany President Rick Franzo strongly believes that the St. Tammany residents should have an important opinion on this topic. “You take it to St. Tammany Parish where 75-80% of the money comes from St. Tammany Parish. If any place should have the right to where citizens should have involvement, it should be this particular issue,” he said. Unfortunately, some believe it is a pointless effort. St. Tammany Council Vice Chairman Steve Stefanick explained, “Our only choice is whether or not we are going to send it to the bond commission and there is no provision for a referendum and the referendum would have no effect on anything.” In government something that seems so simple is actually
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