Persuasive Essay On Cell Phones

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Back in 1973, Mr. Martin Cooper an American telecommunication engineer working for Motorola had a vision. He dreamed a world where people would be able to walk around with their own phones, connecting to their loved ones, coworkers or pretty much take care everything that they needed to. The first mobile phone was over two pounds, took ten hours to charge and could be used only for a little bit over thirty minutes for a price tag of $3995. Back in the late 70s, it was hard to imagine that one-day cellular phones will be part of our everyday life, accompany us regardless our age, social status or where we live. Mr. Cooper’s vision has become reality and today’s phones are not only functioning as communication devices, they also serve as our personal assistant. Today’s cellphones can execute tasks that a decade ago not even a computer was able to do. Sending E-mails, playing videos, connecting to the internet or using our phone as a multi applicational work station is part of our everyday life, it does not surprise anyone anymore. But functions that; prevent drunk driving, pick up thermal images, measure our health rate or tell you when you pull your fishing rod out of the water to catch a fish, are getting more common as our smartphones expend in storage space, functionality and user-friendliness. We are more and more depend on our smartphones to be able to function in our everyday life. We also tend to keep a big part of our personal informations on these devices. It could
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