Persuasive Essay On Changing Form

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Changing Forms was written by a student named Amy J. Weishaar. The authors writing was published in Scenes of Writing by Amy Devitt, Mary Jo Reiff, Anis Bawarshi.
The subject of the text is the schools grading system. The outline of this paper was paragraph one was introduction, two through three informative and four through thirteen is persuasive and paragraph fourteen was the conclusion. What problem/situation was this essay trying to address? This persuasive essay was trying to address the down side of the grading card and how continuums would much better benefit the school system. The thesis of this paper is the grade card should undergo revision. The text starts off with its first paragraph as the introduction. Paragraphs two through three give the reader background information on grade cards. The second paragraph describes influences that cause an extra focus on the
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The author uses paragraphs four through six to explain, elaborated and gives examples of assessment. In paragraph seven the author explains a point on how grade cards work then it is followed by paragraph eight giving solutions to the problem that comes with the grade card. That solution is continuums, “Continuums are designed levels of development has content standards and objectives which a student must demonstrate a command before moving to the next elopement category.” (name 169) Paragraph nine explains how the new system works. Paragraphs nine through thirteen continues talking about continuums, explaining how the new system works, the particular set of tools, how continuums showed teachers how students fall behind, how continuums are better than grade cards, and how continuums are better for students who move. Finally the paper concludes with, “The revision of the standard, limiting grade card genre has evolved into a flexible form of communication which enhances student performance and does not just measure
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