Persuasive Essay On Changing Society

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Since the beginning of time human kind has change and developed in many ways. we've discovered fire, we learned how to hunt and survive in the big world. We traveled with our bare feet, to ships, carriages, bikes, cars, and even planes. We've even change on how we communicate with each other. Letters and telegrams were a thing in the past. now theirs cell phone and video chats. There's no need for waiting or limitations when we can call or text someone from Miami to Paris France. We are the people who walked on the moon and competed in the space race with the Soviet Union. We've fought wars from guns to nuclear weapons. some people think we've gone to far with our rapidly changing society. Some say we've been careless and only feed our needs and not considering about others. Society is slowly changing from a warm heart to a cold one. Global warming is a great and big example of us trying to make it seem not real. its real and its growing.

Can society stop global warming? can we prevent the inevitable from knocking in our doors, wafting the air or even our very own shores. Yes we can and we have to. Stop putting it off and say you'll do it later. What if there isn't a later. what if it's to late. We as an society can change our ways and stop our own possible extinction. Yes we are literally working on our own demise and not even knowing it. Based on the Job One For Humanity article, it states " Based upon a preponderance of scientific evidence we recognize our global
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