Persuasive Essay On Cheating And Failure

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Volkswagen is the popular of companies who have been accused of cheating the tests, but why would any company want to cheat and what could they possibly gain from it. Money is absolute in this world and thats why its the first on the list. My hypothesis is that Vw wanted to be able to advertise as a company who sells cars that are efficient so they could sell more. Vw also didn't want to sacrifice a significant amount of power and fuel economy for their customers, those two factors pale in significance when compared to just not being able to pass the tests and have a good vehicle. The test for emission are like asking someone to jump and grab a bar above them, with weights around their ankles to prove if you can run further than they could last year. When money, power and people are involved in something its a safe bet the one other thing will be involved: politics. Politics become a factor in this when the social impacts of everything come into play. People love clean air and people love their cars. Sadly cars don’t like clean air, naturally polluting it. To help mediate the problem, in the nineties politicians decided to try to implement some laws to reduce the smog created by cars quite successfully. Those same politicians nearly ten years later decided they should try to reduce smog yet again, afterall it was such a success the first time. This time it made it worse, but the politicians made enough money from it that they didn't care. Since then politicians stiffen
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