Persuasive Essay On Child Abuse

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In today’s society it is hard for a parent to discipline their child without being criticized for it. Child discipline can be physical or verbal, although physical discipline is highly looked down upon by people in society. Often times the type of discipline that is accepted depends on where you live. In the south and in African American communities, physical punishments are very common. Whether it is physical or not, children need to be disciplined to be successful in life, but when does it become abuse? Child discipline becomes abuse when the punishments hinder their future success and health. In the past several years a child abuse case caused a huge controversy on what is an acceptable way to discipline children and when can the government intervene. According to CBS news, NFL football player, Adrian Peterson faces allegations of him using a wooden stick to spank his son of four years in age. The article states that a famous African American, former athlete, and sports analyst, Charles Barkley, defends Peterson by claiming, “Whipping-- we do that all the time,” referring to their shared culture (CBS news). In response to the allegations Peterson shared apologetically with the world, “I am someone that disciplined his child and did not intend to cause him any injury,” the apology was very remorseful and heartfelt (CBS news). This physical act of discipline is most likely the way Peterson was raised. Spanking is a way of punishment that is a choice in each home and for some families it can be effective. This form of discipline can sometimes cause confusion of when it becomes abuse. It can be abuse when it is done at too young of an age and when it is done without cause. When the child does not receive any verbal teaching with the punishment, the child does not benefit from the spanking because they do not know why they received it. In this case the discipline is not giving the child any guidance and it can affect their behavior and social health in the future. On the other side of the spectrum are people like Cynthia Godsoe that believe any kind of corporal punishment is “not effective at teaching children and is in fact harmful” (Godsoe). In response to studies of corporal punishment, most daycares and

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