Persuasive Essay On Child Adoption

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Anybody living in Greenville, South Carolina and who wishes to adopt a child should gather information about the process before they go about doing so. No doubt many people have successfully adopted in the region, the process is still quite complex.

The law is basically designed to ensure the safety of the adopted child and that is why there is a myriad number of rules and regulations that one has to abide by to be able to satisfy the agency. If you are really serious about adopting, you should consult an adoption lawyer as tackling this entire process on your own could turn out to be frightening and agonizing.

The problem with adoption is not that there are not enough children but the difficulty is finding the right match between the parents and the adopted child. The reality is that there are many handicapped and disabled children available for adoption but most people want a healthy child; the competition to get the latter is intense. Here are some aspects of the adoption process that you should be aware of:

Who can adopt a child?

Both residents and non-residents living in Greenville, South Carolina can adopt a child in the following scenarios:
• The child is handicapped (physical or mental) and has special needs. These special needs may include ambulatory assistance, special schooling, feeding, bathing, etc.
• The prospective adoptee is related to the child. This does not have to be an uncle or an aunt but can also be a distant relative.
• At least one of the
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