Persuasive Essay On Child Obesity

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My least favorite thing to see is an obese child. It sounds absolutely terrible but it's true and sad. It’s so sad to see a helpless little kid all chunky and to know they don’t understand how unhealthy they have become. Whats even worse is that kids should not have to worry about their health until they are old enough to understand it. So who is to blame for child obesity? Parents. Many parents are under the impression that because their child does not need to worry about their health, neither do they. Whether their excuse is that kids have fast metabolisms or that the fat will spread out as they get taller, they fail to think they need to worry about their own child's health. Not only do unhealthy lifestyles lead children to long-term medical issues such as risk for heart attacks, strokes, type two diabetes, and mental health concerns like depression, but it can also lead to insecurities about their body as well as difficulty changing their unhealthy habits in adulthood. Just to clarify, yes, I do believe parents are responsible for their overweight child. Whether or not they like to believe it, it's actually their influence that affects a child's eating habits. So if you’re a parent and are now officially concerned with your child health, this is the time to change your child's diet. How? According to PMC ( PubMed Central), “Eating behaviors evolve during the first years of life as biological and behavioral processes directed towards meeting requirements for health and
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