Persuasive Essay On Child Obesity

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Child obesity caused by fast food is a large issue that needs to be resolved. It can lead to several health conditions, including being overweight, obese, getting diabeedes. There are other results such as being bullied, having low self-esteem, and having to spend more on clothing. These are negative effects that may set a child back in their development, and bust be stopped or reduced. There are many causes for this issue, but some of the most common causes for this issue may include living in a food desert, lack of public awareness, or giving children to many options. There are a few propositions to fix this problem in the form of a tax, advertisements, and raising public awareness. Through the use of these methods, society will be able to reduce the effect and source of the issues that may arise from child obesity caused by eating at various fast food restaurants. Keywords: children, obesity, fast food, tax, public awarness Lets just get McDonald’s tonight, I don’t feel like cooking. This saying has been said by many parents who are tired after a long days work, running errands, and dealing with fighting children. It is understandable that it is the easy way out. There is no time needed to waste going to the store buying supplies, kitchen prep time, time for the food to cook, and no cleanup that has to be done if the parents decide to go to a fast food joint instead. However, this is not only cheating one’s self by not providing one’s child with proper meals,

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