Persuasive Essay On Child Welfare

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Imagine you and your siblings living in a house where your father is violent and your mother is struggling to protect herself and her seven children. Imagine these people come to your house and take you and your siblings away from your parents, split you up, and send you to different houses, hours away from each other. Imagine later on finding out your mother is dead and your father does not want to take you back. Imaging moving again, and again, and again. Imaging being in abusive households, houses in areas so rural there is no internet, moving schools over and over again. Imaging going to five different primary schools. Imagine being a teenager and not being able to tell anyone, lying about the number of siblings you have, lying through your teeth day after day because you cannot pick up the courage to tell anyone. Imagine if this was you.
When I say the words ‘poor child welfare’ you may think of the children who are living in poverty or the children who are employed in child labour, or children who live in the middle of war zones. What you might not think of is the children struggling right beneath our noses – the homeless children, children in foster care, or children in abusive households. There are several reasons why I have chosen to focus on children, rather than all 7.5 billion people globally. This is because children keep the human race going, and children should not go through what some do.
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