Persuasive Essay On Childhood Obesity

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Introduction My name is Nicolas A. Pol. My team of four will be attempting to tackle the disastrous global issue of childhood obesity. My team and I have been attempting to solve this dilemma for the past couple of months. The research that we have done has given us the knowledge that childhood obesity is truly a disastrous epidemic and gave us some ideas to help those children that are suffering from obesity. One of my teammates, Sebastian Vera, uses the countries of USA, England, and France while using lenses of political, economical, and technological aspects to find the solution to stop making food a reward and withholding food for punishment. The problem with this solution is that it is hard to implement. One of my teammates, Lucas de Melo, used countries like USA, Greece, and Colombia and applied economical, environmental, and political lenses to find the solution that local, national, regional, and global governments should offer more initiatives in society to decrease the amount of children that are obese. His solution has a problem in that there are already similar initiatives in most parts of the world that are somewhat ineffective. My other teammate, Caio De Almeida, used the countries USA France, and Mexico and applied the economical, cultural, and scientific lenses and suggested that the solution is healthy eating and participating in athletic activities such as sports. His solution has a problem in that everyone knows this, but many do not eat well and
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