Persuasive Essay On Chimpanzees

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i believe that we should not do tests on chimpanzees in the state of colorado
“In their natural homes in the wild, chimpanzees humans’ closest living genetic relatives”, who are more like us than they’re like gorillas are never separated from their families and troops . “Profoundly social beings, they spend every day together exploring, crafting and using tools to solve problems, foraging, playing, grooming each other, and making soft nests for sleeping each night” . They care deeply for their families and forge lifelong friendships . Chimpanzee mothers are loving and protective, nursing their infants and sharing their nests with them for four to six years . They have excellent memories and share cultural traditions with their children and peers . They empathize with one another and console their friends when they’re upset . They help others, even at a personal cost to themselves . When one of another
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There were no families, no companions, no grooming, and no nests . There were only cold, hard steel bars and concrete and terror and loneliness that went on for so many years that most chimpanzees would sink into depression, eventually losing their minds . As a result of enduring the terror and pain of having their bodies routinely violated for experiments and the loneliness of their tiny steel and concrete prison cells, many chimpanzees bear lifelong emotional scars . Numerous studies have shown that even long after they’ve been retired from experimentation, many chimpanzees exhibit abnormal behavior indicative of depression and posttraumatic stress . They suffer from symptoms such as social withdrawal, anxiety, and loss of appetite . They pull out their own hair, bite themselves, and pace incessantly . when they were done testing on them they are locked up in cold bars and they are put in small
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