Persuasive Essay On Choosing Who Die

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Jacob Castelli
Ms. Swindle
ENG 101.304
11 September 2017
Choosing Who Dies Everyday, biomedical researchers, ethicists, and government officials have to choose between sacrificing the lives of helpless individuals or innocent animals. Animal testing Is said to be a necessary evil, and without it medical advancement would be severely halted. Medical researchers claim medical progression is their duty to humanity. In order to do their job quickly, animal testing is a necessity. Opponents to medical researchers, animal rights activists argue it isn't humanities right to to take innocent animals lives. They push the medical field to find a better solution. The heart of the debate lies between ethicists, law makers, animal rights activists, and biomedical researchers. Ethicists argue both sides of the debate are justified through the same universal ethical theories. Animal rights activists argue humans and animals have the same inherent rights. Biomedical researchers pursue advances in humanities overall health and life expectancy. They say it is their duty to fulfill their obligation to the best of there abilities, because of this animals are needed for reliable and quick experimentation. All opponents look to politicians for creating laws in their favor. Animal testing is a debate circulating around the value of life. This leads politicians to find compromise through laws restricting the use of certain animals for research, but also pushing researchers to find
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