Persuasive Essay On Cigarettes

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Cigarettes are rolled up pieces of paper filled with tobacco and nicotine that is used for smoking. Many people smoke despite the side effects, and there are many types of alternative to help quit smoking, some more effective than others. One common alternative is e-cigarettes. As the name suggests, an electronic cigarette delivers nicotine to the lungs by turning on a small battery-powered heater that vaporizes the liquid nicotine (Radcliff). However, e-cigarettes can be dangerous and cause a lot of health problems to a person. Despite being advertised as a ‘healthier’ and ‘better’ alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are just as life-damaging and can cause a myriad of health problems and is a danger to both adults and adolescents alike. Tobacco, or more specifically, nicotine, is a dangerous substance and high amounts are contained in e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes have nicotine concentrations of about 8.5 to 22.2 milligrams per milliliter. According to Lowry, “for most children and adults, this exceeds the estimated lethal dose for nicotine in humans of 1 mg/kg.” As refills for e-cigarettes are sold in five, ten, and twenty-milliliter vials, it can add up and cause a lot of damage to a person’s body (Lowry). Not only would the damage be extensive, but a lot of the damage would also be irreversible as well. Nicotine can cause many side-effects, such as seizures, respiratory failure, and most commonly, vomiting. Death is another possibility that could happen if

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