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A little girl got lost behind a circus on her way to the bathroom, only to come out and see an elephant being hooked and whipped by multiple grown men at the same time. She noticed it was the same elephant that tripped on stage 5 minutes before. I could have been that little girl, and I know I'd be terrified to ever go back to a circus or zoo again. As an animal lover, I wanted to see something done about the situation. It’s not fair to animals. Circuses shouldn’t even be a thing. Animals deserve a fair life in the wild where they belong. They shouldn’t have to be absolutely terrified every time they make the even smallest mistake. While researching this topic I found I had few questions that weren’t answered in any articles. How long has this been going on? Why haven’t people tried to fix this earlier? But there was one question, my driving question, the one I really wanted an answer to. It was: What can I do to help animals around the world from being abused in entertainment? After researching through videos, articles, and podcasts I’ve found that there aren’t many that had solutions, but there are still many possible solutions.
Many animals in entertainment often get abused for the slightest mistakes, they get abuse from slashing to even being killed Circus animals are shocked, slashed with sharp hooks, whipped, beaten with clubs and even starved.
Circuses often say the animals perform out of love for their owners, but thatś completely false. They perform out of fear of being beaten and whipped.
Animals that try to escape their enclosures don't only get shocked or cut by the wire fences but are even sometimes shot to death. That´s ashaming. If the animals are so important to the zoos and circuses then why treat them the way they do? These animals don't even get the proper vet care, and with all the injuries they get a day, they need it. Animals should be getting a checkup at the least, every two months and especially circus animals, because of how active they are. Animals in zoos and circuses are never taught to survive in the wild. So if at one point an animal is replaced and put into the wild, they´ll easily get hunted and/or attacked. I´m all for cute tricks and fun. But the way these animals are

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