Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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form of prevention of harm or an overall direct benefit to themselves. Having a personal stake in the issue of climate change can make people more receptive to adaptation. For some, the strategy of convincing them of the importance of leaving behind a good planet for the next generation (their children) can be a strong motivating factor. For others, the reduced electricity bills associated with living a sustainable lifestyle are enough of a motivation. These people, though they may care about the environment, are more likely to be convinced if their personal lives are affected rather than for the reason of global benefit.
Personal health is another approach that can be taken towards communicating climate science. The increase in overall global temperature, changes to precipitation patterns, and increase in severe weather events are all likely to occur as a results of climate change (Maibach). This can results in adverse effects on public health, such as increased rates of heatstroke and dehydration, disease outbreaks, and larger allergen production (Maibach). The severity of these events would decrease if the rates of climate change decreased as well. Public health is something that one can view as a way to appeal to the individual for their own wellbeing. Already the impacts of pollution in urban areas are becoming apparent as asthma and other respiratory problems become more frequent. Members of the public are more likely to be receptive to the idea of changing their

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