Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Overall, internationally and nationally there is an inadequate and underdeveloped system of addressing climate change. Global climate change means it is a global problem, so one nation or a couple of nations will not be enough to combat the severe impacts headed our way. The world will need to address the effects of the changing climate on society and the ecosystems and pursue actions together to see any improvement. There has been several promising plans proposed for all heavy greenhouse gas emitters to set a maximum amount they can release. However, most of these plans did not carry through as hoped. For example, right now there is the Kyoto Protocol,
Copenhagen Accord, Paris Accord and COP-17 to help slow the impact of every nation on the environment around us. With the Kyoto Protocol, this only curbs emissions from the developed countries and does not have harsh consequences if they do not curb them. Also, Canada withdrew from this protocol in 2011 because they did not want to be apart of this until all the top emitting countries participate. Fortunately, this protocol was still a major success because when it was founded all the original members (192 countries) reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by 12.5% which was well above the goal of 4.7%. The downside is, when this was created it targeted wealthy nations, so countries today, that are major polluters were not targeted back then like China or India. Also, most countries are not legally bound to this protocol,
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