Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Debate around the global climate change has reached a fever pitch in recent years. Though the storm has been swirling around for the past two decades, little more than talk and sweet nothings have pervaded discourse. Though certain political segments have taken the downside seriously, they have had difficulty mobilizing all fronts. The looming question: how to secure our energy future? Ideally, the gradual weaning off non-renewables and transitioning into clean, sustainable fuels would occur naturally. Citizens would notice climate effects and realize the importance of meeting long-term energy needs, making changes in their daily lives accordingly. This shift is not happening fast enough, though. So, the more important question regards speeding up the process. Policymakers should adhere to a three-point plan: subsidize clean energy and provide incentives for transition, impose a carbon tax, and work with international governments to diffuse the benefits of judicious climate policy. If implemented together, these policies will seriously abate climate effects in the United States, and provide substantial economic benefits. And if pitched properly in the international theater, the United States can lead by example and have worldwide consequences. Making these policies palatable across political sensibilities presents a deep challenge. Moreover, bogus opposition to the transition has been spouted through megaphones and recycled in public debates. A sensible response that digs
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