Persuasive Essay On Cloning Animals

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There are some people that have been very anxious with cloning because they believe it is something new, but in reality it was introduced in the 1950s. It started with cloning food and has moved onto cloning animals. It has been successful on many different cases and a famous one is the cloning of a sheep named Dolly. Dolly lived to be six and a half years old and she had six kids. People believe that cloning should be illegal but we believe that scientists should clone endangered or extinct species in order to preserve them, here’s why. We should clone endangered and extinct animals because they can help cure diseases that we don’t know how to do today or that we don't have the ability to do today. It is a good idea to clone animals because…show more content…
This is useful because it can reduce the time needed to make transgenic animal models and the results would be a population of genetically identical for animal study. A transgenic animal model is a cloned animal. Another thing is that it can revive endangered and extinct animals this is good because you can learn more about these animals and take test on them to find out important and useful information. You can also clone livestock, some cloned cows can produce twice as much milk as regular cows. Our last supporting statement is that scientist can clone stem cells. Cloning stem cells can possibly grow new whole organs and can help researchers find treatments and cures for diseases. Now let's get more into our first…show more content…
Animals like mice have been successfully cloned and will more than likely facilitate the discovery for new treatments for human disease. Therefore by cloning animals like mice and then them getting a human disease scientist will be able to do test and research on the disease that the animal has and they can then try and find a cure for the disease and if it works on the animals it would work on humans. Also if you clone maybe 100 mice and they have different diseases you can find different cures for all of those diseases. Now my partner is going to talk about the cons on cloning and explain why the cons are
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