Persuasive Essay On Cloning

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I am a 16 year old student who turns 17 in March and I go to Dinuba High. It’s not to a huge school and it’s not too small of school either it’s in between the school which makes it a good size school. At this school in my english class we are learning about cloning and how some people believe it’s a great amazing tool we can use and how others think it’s a horrible thing and that it takes the meaning of life away. So I am writing to inform you about cloning and how it can benefit us in many ways. Allowing cloning in the United States would put us way ahead than other countries and we’ll be able to save many lives, then we’ll have other countries coming to us asking how we do it or to come clone this for them which would really help us financially because they’d obviously have to pay us to know these things or to borrow a machine. By the end of this letter you’ll be convinced that cloning is a great thing that will help make not only our country but the world a better place.
As I’ve stated before human cloning can help us in many ways and one of these ways is that cloning would actually allow a lesbian to have a kid without donor sperm. I found this out in an article I read titled, “Arguments for and Against creating human clones.” This article states, “Human cloning would allow lesbians to have a child without having to use a donor sperm.” Imagine that think about how happy the LGBT community would be if we allowed this to happen. Their kid would now actually look

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