Persuasive Essay On College Debt

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College can be a roller coaster of fun, in which can be experienced through the paychecks of Americans. College is where some would go to take advantage of their ability to increase their knowledge. Participating in this action results in a higher chance of having a brighter future and some say leading to possibly a healthier life. College is a community of its own, with some including dorms and stores on campus. College around the country are not cheap however. On average, four years of college for in state students is nine thousand, four hundred and ten dollars, and for out-of-state students, the price jumps drastically up to twenty three thousand, eight hundred and ninety dollars. Attending a college that is not public for four years, the cost per year would be thirty two thousand, four hundred and ten dollars. With that being said, that is not incorporating the cost for books and other supplies. While attending college, the thought must be kept in mind that there are indeed pro’s and con’s. Debt, is obviously a con, but attending college can open a realm of vast opportunities in a job field. College can help pave the way to an extremely successful life, but is it really worth it? Debt. College debt is a real thing, in which many of college graduates face. Four point two million Americans were faced with one point three trillion dollars in student debt. There are people who clearly stated that college was not worth it. These same people were drowning in student loans.
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