Persuasive Essay On College Sports

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Throughout the years, kids have played a variety of video games. These games could range anywhere from warfare games such as Call of Duty Black Ops, fantasy games such as Final Fantasy or sports games such as Madden 16 or NCAA Football 11. Games that we played more consistently than others were the team sports games such as NCAA football. The NCAA football games not only brought friends together but would also persuade our minds to play football when we were of age. However, EA has not produced a NCAA football game since 2012. Thus leaving the people like us who enjoyed the game, let down. The discontinuation of the NCAA college football series is a result of many things, specifically greed. Unfortunately, with the greediness of the athletes, EA will never be able to make another NCAA college football game. When we were younger, many of us dreamed to grow up and play football for our favorite college team. Therefore, when we played the NCAA football games, we were able to create a prediction of what we may look like if playing for our favorite college team. Many of us predicted that we would be six foot two, two hundred and twenty pound athletes who were usually the stars of the team. As a result of this false hope, many of us worked as hard as we could to make that goal obtainable. However, EA has not released any college football games and this has resulted in kids playing other games such as FIFA. In an article it was stated, “He wondered how many kids have started
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