Persuasive Essay On Community College

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Every semester there is a fight to find a parking space on campus. I began Northshore Technical Community College in the fall of 2014 at the Hammond area campus. With enrollment increasing rapidly, Northshore relocated the business department to the North campus of Southeastern Louisiana University campus in the spring of 2016. There is limited parking for freshmen. The parking area, we can use is assigned to the overflow of the upper-classmen. Even though driving a car to campus is convenient, riding a bicycle to school is a more practical option for some commuter college students since of the amount of parking spaces available to students are limited.
Parking is not only an issue for Southeastern Louisiana University, consequently is also a problem for the majority of other colleges. According to, a journalist from California with the East Bay Times, an article titled Community college parking jams drive students to distraction, stated, “People are circling around, and you have some people going the wrong way, which is really annoying,” said Taylor Atkinson, a student at San Jose City College, which has 1,300 spaces for 9,450 students. “It’s a madhouse (group).” If I do not arrive at school by seven-thirty in the morning for my eight o’clock class, I would be tardy for class trying to find somewhere to park.
Locating a parking spot throughout the day on Southeastern’s campus is on occasion impossible. If I decide to leave campus after my first class at eight in the
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