Persuasive Essay On Contraceptives

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The world’s population today is around 7.5 billion people, and I don’t think it will stop growing any time soon. Scientist predict that by 2050 there will be around 9 billion people living on earth. A solution to this is contraceptives. We need to make them more affordable and accessible for everyone and everywhere in order to reduce population A question that is asked around when people get pregnant is, “Will you choose abortion, adoption, or parenting?” Those are just three of the options when others get pregnant. However, all of it could have been prevented by using contraceptives. In the article “High Teen Pregnancies Blamed on Contraceptives”, it states that, “Twenty eight percent of couples who want to use family planning don’t have…show more content…
If contraceptives were readily, available all of this could be avoided. Preventing pregnancy than having a baby die from whatever reason is much better. So being smart with contraceptives can help save millions of lives and prevent unreasonable deaths. The morning after pill needs to be available to females of all ages. It can help teenagers to avoid pregnancy at such a young age. “High Teen Pregnancies Blamed on Contraceptives” pointed out that, “Teen pregnancies are high due to low availability and accessibility to contraceptives or more,” (Nakabugo). Population rates would decrease if contraceptives were available to all women because it would have prevented any babies. With more accessibility and less restriction, teen pregnancies would plummet as will population. In “A Bitter Pill, Contraceptives in Egypt” they elaborated about how, “Hassan turned to the black market to get birth control, until those disappeared,” (A Bitter Pill, Contraceptives in Egypt). Hassan looked everywhere in her town for birth control and ceased to find any. Even the black market didn’t have any, suspicious? When contraceptives are made available and accessible to everywhere and everyone, then population and pregnancy rates will lower a lot. Contraceptives can help save lives, and needs to be provided in emergencies like
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