Corporal Punishment In The United States

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In the United States alone there are around 2.3 million inmates incarcerated. Many taxpayers declare that the government should use corporal punishment to get rid of at least half of the prisoners and reduce the risk of having more people behind a jail cell. However, would corporal punishment really decrease the number of inmates in the future? Personally, I believe that corporal punishment wouldn't make a difference in the use of reducing the amount of crime that happens in the United States. If the government were to allow the use of such tortures to those who have allegedly committed crimes, violence would have to be forced in. Violence has been proven to be an unnecessary form of action to achieve goals. When the goal is to reduce crime, offenses that pertain violence, there must be another form or solution to obtain that goal.
Continuing on how there must be other ways to reduce crime, modern law enforcement is currently focused on preventing crime before it actually occurs. Crime prevention is possibly our biggest ally in helping us to decrease crime in the United States. Suppose your next-door neighbor has had someone break into their home and your entire neighborhood is scared of being the next victim. So, you and the rest of your neighborhood set up a neighborhood watch and have police scan the area ever so often. Chances are the thieves or criminals will not want to risk being caught so they avoid the area and your neighborhood is safe once more.
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