Persuasive Essay On Crime

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In the United States 10,000 robberies occur daily, 3,200 of those robbery victims are never given justice. Of those 3,200 victims, most are still looking for justice because they had under 200 dollars worth of goods stolen. In the state of Pennsylvania if a robber takes less that 200 dollars of goods it is only a misdemeanor charge, which has little impact on a permanent record. In my opinion, any robbery should be charged as a felony in the first degree, accompanied by a permanent mark on a record, as well as, a fine and possible jail time. Our community contains a suburban area, with rural areas close, which seems to leave many by robberies without charges and free in our community. In a big city, only 25 percent of robbers go free without charge. Although in a suburban area, which much of which our school district includes, 30 percent of robberies escape without charge. In the more rural areas the percentage is even higher, a recorded 41 percent rate of no charge. With less robbers charged, it increases the chance for them to do it again and at a more dangerous level. It does not matter to a victim as to the reason a robber might be left on the street, the result is people are left in fear of being a victim to a crime. As a victim of a robbery, I understand all to well leaving with fear of a theft. Earlier this summer after my family headed off to work, and I was asleep in what should be a safe environment when my home was robbed. Two men pried open
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